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Design & Development Services for Customized Embedded Products

HART has team of engineers from the best of the colleges with experience in a variety of embedded engineering disciplines like:
  1. Design of Embedded Hardware / Software and its integration
  2. Designing of Real-Time Executives
  3. Industrial Control Modules
  4. Designing of Embedded tools etc.

Our team enables us to fully meet the requirements of our clients. Our services start right from the project definition to the deployment. Our unmatched post sales / service support is the one which helps us in getting repeat orders from our esteemed customers.

Customized Design Services
HART provides high-quality design and production of OEM-able products and ODM service that help customer accelerate microcontroller-based embedded developments. Having a quality system in place, all our designs / products goes through a strict quality check. We provide cost-effective and quality custom design services in the following field:

Hardware development:
We provide hardware development services covering the entire value chain:
  1. Specification finalization
  2. Schematic entry
  3. Electronic board design using various Microcontrollers / Microprocessors
  4. PCB layout
  5. Fast prototyping
  6. Function and system test

Software Development
HART provides embedded software design from designing small micro-controller based systems and large real-time, multi-tasking software systems to developing board support packages and device drivers. Designs are typically implemented using an appropriate programming language such as C, C++ and Assembler on target platforms.
  1. Implementation of Protocol Stacks
  2. Real-Time, Multi-tasking software
  3. Porting of micro Linux or Win CE to different targets
  4. Development of Board Support Packages for SBCs
  5. Boot Start Codes
  6. Application Development using Microsoft Visual Studio.

Industrial Engineering & Support Services

HART offers EPC Contractors and Technology Suppliers its services for their projects from Pre-Bid stage to the Commissioning. This includes participation in Basic Engineering followed by doing the Detailed Engineering for the projects. Site support for testing & commissioning is also available on request. HARTs services are available for both Green field as well as Brown field projects.

HARTs Engineering services are also available for the Plant Owners as complete consultancy support in the field of Electrical, Instrumentation and Automation.

The services offered by HART include the following:

Basic Engineering:
  • Pre Bid Evaluation
  • Study and Validation of Contract Technical Specification
  • Support to Process Team for P&ID Preparation & Load List

Detailed Engineering:
  • Preparation of Electrical Drive List
  • Single Line Diagram of Power Distribution Scheme with in battery limits of the Plant
  • Transformer Sizing with Symmetric Fault Analysis
  • HT/LT Cable Sizing(up to 11 KV)
  • Isolator & Bus Duct Sizing
  • HT & LT Switch Board Cabinet(PCC, MCC, PDB)
  • Procurement Specification of HT/LT Motor, Cable
  • Plant Illumination system
  • Equipment & Cable Tray Layout
  • Earthling & Lightning Protection
  • Power, Control & Instrument Cable Schedule
  • Relay Setting Calculation
  • Instrument Schedule Preparation
  • PLC IO List Preparation
  • Automation Architecture / Configuration Drawings
  • Enquiry Specification / Datasheet Preparation
  • Preparation of Hook Drawings with BOQ
  • Junction Box Schedule & Specification
  • Location Plan of Instrument / Sensors, Junction Box etc.
  • UPS Sizing, SLD & Data Sheet
  • CCTV, FDA Systems etc.
  • VVVF Drive

PLC & Process Visualization Support
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Systems Integration
  • Application Development (C, Visual C++, Basic, Visual Basic, Assembly, Ladder Logic, State Logic, Symbolic Code and SQL)
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) Design, Programming, Configuration and Development
  • Productivity Improvement Software
  • Process Simulation

Programming Services includes:
  • Design and Documentation
  • Programming for most of the PLC makes like Rockwell, Siemens, GE, ABB, Schneider etc
  • Implementation, Pre-Operational Verification (POV) and Commissioning Support
  • Database Management
  • Database Integration (SQL)
  • Custom Software Development
  • Troubleshooting, Maintenance and Warranty Support